The history and philosophy of Biocam

Today, I would like to get into the world of natural cosmetics. For almost 5 years now, I have been interested in ecological issues. I started to be aware by watching videos on Youtube and reading blogs. This awareness has had an impact on many aspects of my daily life: my diet, my health, the way I buy and consume.

Very quickly, I felt the need to talk about it around me, to share my discoveries and to try to change mentalities. My mother and my sisters, then my friends, were my first "guinea pigs" and I remember well explaining to them at length how to move towards a zero waste bathroom, how to remove make-up with vegetable oil, how important it was to avoid buying disposable cotton pads and that there were alternatives.In this process, I realized that the products I used daily for my hygiene and my beauty were neither good for my health nor for the environment. So I gradually replaced all the products in my bathroom with natural alternatives, trying to move towards zero waste: solid soaps, reusable makeup remover cottons, natural fiber washcloth, wooden toothbrush, products of make-up with a better composition, ... In many cases, I turned to raw products, with a simple composition and quality ingredients (cold saponified soaps, vegetable oils, hydrosols, ...)
Today, I want to go further. Totally conquered by these cosmetics turned towards nature, my wish is to make customers aware of the importance of consuming differently and therefore to turn to natural quality products, respectful of our health and our environment. I would also like to encourage them to reduce waste and use recyclable materials such as glass. There are more and more alternatives to plastic and single-use items today. I would like to make them understand that this process is not necessarily more complicated or more expensive than conventional cosmetics, but on the contrary it has much more to offer us. I discovered a whole new world, extremely rich: that of natural cosmetics. Beyond the very pleasant sensory aspect (new scents, massages with oils, comforting textures), I learned the virtues of the different products I used and quickly realized their effectiveness. These products directly from nature had nothing to envy to products created in an industrial way and composed of synthetic ingredients and obtained from petrochemicals. On the contrary !

It is important to me, with BIOCAM, to represent and sell cosmetic products from committed Belgian and local brands, with good ethics, using only natural or even organic products.

Quickly, I realized that Belgian natural cosmetics are rich in beautiful brands, sometimes very young, which strive to offer quality products, while sometimes supporting social and ecological projects. These are the brands that I want to highlight with BIOCAM.

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