You want to control the composition of the products you use
to take care of your skin and your home? You want to create tailor-made products
that match your desires and needs? Do you like weighing, mixing, drumming?
Then these workshops should please you!


- Live workshops:

In this period of health crisis, the organization of face-to-face workshops has become complicated. I therefore offer workshops to be followed remotely, during video sessions. These are short workshops, from 1h to 1h30 max.

Cost: 20 € / workshop *
* + possible shipping costs
Withdrawal is possible free of charge in store (select this option in the delivery method of your order)

To see the workshop schedule live: click here

Ateliers en live - coffret

Here is the procedure to follow to participate in a live workshop:

STEP 1: Registration

You register for the workshop of your choice on the e-shop or in the boutique.

STEP 2: Questionnaire

You answer a short questionnaire so that I can find out more about your skin / hair type, the smells you like, any allergies ...

It allows me to personalize your recipe!

STEP 3: Receipt of the box

You receive your cosmetic box at home.

It contains :
- the ingredients: a base common + personalized ingredients based on your answers to the questionnaire
- the bottle / container
- the recipe card

No need for precision scales or special utensils: everything is already weighed and you can use your kitchen utensils *

* For those who wish I will put online a kit with some basic utensils

STEP 4: The workshop

On the day of the workshop, you receive an email with the link to access the workshop live.

We make all the cosmetic product (s) together, we exchange, we have a good time, each one behind our screen!

You have of course the opportunity to ask all your questions :)

- The "routine" formula:

2 hours of workshops, creation of 3 products around a theme, 40 €

- The "personalized product" formula:

1 hour workshop, analysis and realization of a product, 25 €

- The "home box" formula:

For some workshops, the "home box" option is available. Choose it if you want to make a cosmetic product at home, by following the recipe step by step. A box with the kit of ready-to-use ingredients, as well as the recipe book (s) and advice will be sent to your home!


The workshops take place in several places.

Or at the Biocam store, in the heart of Brussels.

The workshops also take place in partner locations in Brussels: at Orybany (Place Saint-Géry) and at Nectar (in the Marolles).

You will also find the Biocam workshops at Inspired , the new place of sharing and creation in Virton.


Biocam workshops can also take place at your place!

All you need to do is bring together 6 to 8 people and provide adequate space in your home.
For more information, do not hesitate to send me an email on

At the end of each workshop, you leave with the products you have made yourself and with tips and recipes compiled in a booklet.


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